Amalfi Coast, Positano & Sorrento

Easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The food, the people, the views AMAZING.

We booked a full day tour with the Lovely Amalfi Coast and our guide was the best. We really just had the best of luck on our trip! Many people are against doing guided tours and I understand that but when you want to see a lot in a short amount of time this is the way to go. We did not regret our choice.

Anyways we were based in Rome as I mentioned in my other posts and from our hotel we took a cab to the train station for about 6-10 euros I forget. We could have walked but we woke up late and had to high tail it to the train station. We had a very early train from Roma to Napoli about an hour give or take. The train was super comfortable. I booked Super Economy and we used Trenitalia. Please book early for really good deals and in the high season they do sell out. The advantage was that with these tickets we did not need to print anything from the train station. I saw long lines of people trying to sort their tickets out.

Our tour guide Giovanni picked us up at the train station in our cool air conditioned Mercedes in Naples and our adventure begun. He is one funny Italian. He entertained us the whole drive there stopping here and there for photos and pointing out things. Now the drive there is not for the faint at heart. The roads are winding and the drops let's just say there is nothing between you and the ocean and rocks below. Italians have some serious road rage. We loved Giovanni though and his mad driving skills : ).
I am in love with the Amalfi coast and I will return one day.
I attempted to get a photo (which came out blurry) of the lemon trees that grow abundantly in Naples. They have nets hanging on the side of the roads to catch the lemons. How else with they make that cool refreshing limoncello? : )

In Positano parking is a nightmare and people build garages on their roofs for parking. How cool is that!

 Giovanni took this photo of us.
Somebody goes up and down those stairs everyday for work. You do not need a gym with this staircase. Giovanni joked about forgetting something and having to go back for it. Haha I would probably seat and cry first in frustration.
 How pretty are these streets.
 .So much charm. I loved it loved it loved it. Walking to the beach.
 We had some time to ourselves and we just enjoyed being here and the beautiful weather. It wasn't so crowded because we went in the shoulder season and boy do you get service.

 I wanted to go in so bad but we had a few hours before we went to our last stop in Pompei.
Enjoying limoncello in Pompei. This is the real deal anything you buy in the states is a lie!!! : )

Listening is loving....

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