13 Small Changes To a Happier You

Are you just surviving each day, getting by, living a routine and really just existing with no end or purpose in mind? These are introspective questions that force you to think about the direction of your life. Is there purpose to the things you do? Is there meaning to life as you know it? Are you thriving?

Routine is great. It means that there is some order to your life but when there is too much routine and no deviation from it maybe you are just going through the motions. When you think about the last five years of your life what comes to mind? Do you feel like you have been sleeping walking through most of it. Is there anything remarkable about the last five years of your life?

We work at jobs we hate and we are in relationships we shouldn't be in. We live in houses that we can barely afford not realizing we don't even like living there any more. We don't get a do over folks. The last few years of our lives are gone we will never regain them back. I mean wherever you are reading this post from, those few minutes you spent here you will never recover (so thank you for reading).

This post brings to mind the song Thrive by Casting Crowns, "It's time for us to more than just survive, we were made to thrive." It is time to be the best at what we do and not just get by. Lets stop settling for mediocre when we could have greatness. We should have fulfilling relationships and friends we can count on. We should be at jobs that we at the least enjoy and if we don't enjoy them at the bare minimum we should have bosses that respect us. We should be around places and people where we thrive the most.

I dare you to make some changes today. We all could. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Change the way you eat. You know you could stand to lose a few pounds or inches : ).
  2. Change jobs. Put your resume out there. Your dream job might be around the corner from your current one. Or that raise you have been looking for is a click away.
  3. Start walking more. With the change in seasons maybe it is time to start a gym membership. Start going three days a week for thirty minutes. When those clothes start fitting better you will wake up one day and realize you enjoy working out.
  4. Go to church if it is something you know you should be doing. Recommit yourself. If you aren't a Christian then this doesn't apply to you.
  5. Register for that class you have been thinking about. Spring is just around the corner (isn't time just flying?!) you could start the year with a bang.
  6. Plan that trip you have been thinking about. Just go already!
  7. Reconcile with that friend you miss talking to. You know they are just a phone call, text, email away.
  8. Declutter your life and prioritize some things your have been neglecting.
  9. Move out of that apartment, house, state etc already. Move into a neighborhood you would much rather be in. Some people might actually need to change countries : ). Start fresh somewhere else.
  10. Change the people you hung around. They may be more toxic than you think. Start small maybe don't reply that text they sent this morning and then don't pick up their phone calls. They'll get the hint.
  11. Stop smoking.
  12. Save a little more money than you have been. A nice cushion in the bank to land on never hurt anybody.
  13. Close the doors in your life that need to be closed. There are things and people we need to leave in our past. They have taken and taken from you. You need to put them in you rear view mirror.
The whole point of this exercise is to re-write your life. Start a new chapter that will be the best seller of the book that is your life. We are really mean't to thrive. To experience joy, peace and fulfilling lives. So change something it may be something small but it could literally be the turning point of your life. 

Sometimes we don't realize we are the ones standing in our own way. Not anybody else just us. There are actions we take in our lives that have a domino effect. Even the people around us are forced to change because we become a force to reckon with.

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