Where You Invest Your Love You Invest Your Heart

The song by Mumford & Sons rings so true doesn't it. "How fickle my heart and how fickle my mind...And where you invest your life you invest your heart." Fickle means something that changes frequently, something that's volatile. But that's not even the important part, the important part is that it relates to changing ones loyalty, interests and affection.

As human beings we change our loyalties so often, it's like we can't make up our minds and just stick to one thing. Our favorite stores change all the time, restaurants, tastes, styles... It's a constant continuous revolving door. Stores, hotels, restaurants etc has a rewards program for shoppers who are loyal to them calling them 'members' to retain your ever changing loyalty. You belong to their program because you have chosen to use whatever product or service they provide frequently. Ironically you can be a member of as many programs as you want. So what does that say about your loyalty? : )

But that's how it should be atleast with the things that are not so important in our lives. You should be able to exercise your freedom of choice to change your loyalties, interests and affection to suit your mood or current state of being. I mean if you want to fly jetblue today you should be able to fly without feeling disloyal to whichever airline you are affiliated to. You are allowed to change your mind! The end result doesn't change as long as you get to where you are going.

However when it comes to the important things we have to be more careful because where you invest your life you invest your heart. So friends where are you finding yourself investing most of your time? Is it family, friends, work.....the first time I read this it scared me. I spend so much time with my boyfriend it's like he had become the center of my little universe. I had put all my eggs in one basket so to speak. I was neglecting other things that were equally important in my life not even thinking that this relationship could go awry. What would I be left with besides a broken heart? There would certainly be more than one broken relationship because I neglected them.

That's really not the moral of this post though. I wanted to encourage us to reflect on the things we invest ourselves in, essentially our lives. Will they be worthwhile in the end? Are they making you a better person? Is there a balance? Your heart is so important, it determines how so many things in your life are. Whatever you invest your life in, you invest your heart which ultimately affects your heart's condition.

I have learned to choose my loyalties, interests and objects of my attention wisely. If they affect my relationship with God they are out no questions or debates. If I am not the best person I can be, (I don't know how that looks like for you) but for me it's am I the best daughter, sister, girlfriend I can be? If not then something's gotta give literally. So even as you change your tastes everyday some things should stay constant. There are things and people you should be loyal to without wavering because they are the very bones that make up who you are.

Listening is loving....

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