Signs That You Can't Rely On Someone

So today I'm feeling a little disappointed in myself. With my experiences you would think I'd be more careful about placing too much reliance on other people. You see the way you see things isn't necessarily the same way another person will see them, especially when that particular thing is not of equal importance to that other person. I wasn't even angry that said people/person did not come through, I was disappointed that I based my decisions solely on the premise that they would do what we had agreed on.

Hindsight is always twenty twenty but the signs are always there and hence my disappointment. Some of the signs that you can't rely on someone include:

  1. You have to remind them to do things. If you have to constantly remind someone to do something they are responsible for, that's a sign that you shouldn't be placing too much trust in them.
  2. Their track record. Girls/women usually have blinders when it comes to this especially with matters of the heart. You convince yourself they will do better and then you feel bad when they don't. Their track record however is like clock work there is no deviation whatsoever from their norm. If someone doesn't do what they said they would do, don't give them another chance to let you down.
  3. Their values are not the same as yours. As an example I am strongly averse and will not pay interest or late fees on a credit card or anything of that sort. There are people however this is not a big deal for them. I believe in spending what you have and I use credit cards solely for the reward programs. If you have to pay interest on a credit card then it negates any rewards you get. So if you are with someone who doesn't care about things like this you have to become the manager of things like that because you can't rely on them. 
  4. Their own business is a hot mess. This is the biggest tell I think unless someone pretends to be something they are not. If someone cannot manage their own affairs you best believe they won't lose sleep over yours.
  5. They always have an excuse and its never their fault. You almost want to scream 'enough with the excuses'. How about you just get it done or let me know so that I can get it done. They either make a half assed effort to do it and that way they can say they tried or make some lame excuses.
This list is certainly not complete but these are the signs I most familiar with and hence my angst. There are tell tale signs that you should never ignore because you always end up dealing with the fall back. Someone either didn't pay the bill on time, they didn't pick up the kids when they were supposed to, they made a promise they didn't keep, they always do everything last minute to put it simply they never handle business.

Be weary of such people and either handle everything yourself or just don't co-mingle anything with them that could have serious repercussions.

Listening is loving.....

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