Show Some Compassion When Traveling

Maybe some of you have thought about this before but on one of my recent flights it dawned on me that we all travel for different reasons. For some us it is a happy occasion and for some of us it is not. It could be for business or personal reasons. You could be running from something or to something. You could be going home or to the unknown. Not everyone on that flight is as excited as you are to get to where they are going.

As I sat there heading home I begun to wonder what were the people on my flight thinking about. Were they anxious to get where they were going? Were they worried about what they would find? Were they happy they would be seeing someone they hadn't seen in a while or were they dreading having to see said people? Whatever their reasons were I bet it influenced whatever mood they were in. The security lines or the overworked airline concierge don't make it any better. Traveling can be a pain!

Have you ever seen someone who was super rude or just so flustered and wondered what they were thinking? Everyone's going somewhere so its not like they are special and you want to yell relax! Or you see someone who just seems out of it like they are so lost in their thoughts they almost miss their flight when it's called to board. If you are ever at an airport just watch people. It makes for an interesting way to pass time. I'm going somewhere with this so hang on : ).

Anyway on my flight I saw impatient people, their flight may have been delayed and ours was also running a little late. They just seemed so angry and I didn't think a flight delay could have been the only cause. It's easy to get swallowed up in the mess and get carried away. (If you have ever had a long wait for a delayed flight and the airport was shut down leaving you and the few people on your flight waiting tempers can start flaring.) I was starting to get agitated with these impatient, inconsiderate and rude people. That's when that thought passed my mind 'we are all traveling for different reasons'. Maybe I needed to show some compassion because I didn't know what these people were going through or why they were even on this plane.

No one just ups and books a flight unless you are traveling on an emergency. You plan it out and whatever your reason is, you just want to get where you want to be. So when you meet people on your flight or at the airport who add on to the stress of traveling you could just explode. I bet though if we all just showed some compassion to our fellow travelers it would make for a much better flight. I remember flying to Hawaii last year and we were so excited, making noise and just being obnoxious. We didn't consider that there may have been someone who needed some silence to battle whatever demons they were going through. It makes me want to go back in time and behave.

This little post is just to remind us to be more considerate. Don't hog the seat or play loud music if you are traveling on public transportation. If a mother is traveling with her baby and the baby is screaming consider that the baby hasn't experienced that altitude before. If you seat next to someone unbearable you can choose to ignore them or just move if you can. If they are too much talk to them politely most people are quite reasonable depending on how you approach them. Above all show compassion and kindness. Kill them with kindness friends even the most overbearing people you will most certainly encounter.

Listening is loving......

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