Rome Day One

After we did our London tour here & here we headed off to Rome aaah Roma I loved it!!! The food, the people just amazing. I have never seen more relaxed nonchalant airport security than I did in Rome. The line was long but I couldn't be bothered I was in Italy!!

Getting there

We took a flight from London on easyjet for about $75. They don't have a weight limit but your luggage has to be a certain size. We then took a bus to Roma Termini from the airport for about 6 euros. The buses are right at the airport just follow people and make sure you get on the bus to Termini. Cabs are for the birds just too expensive!

We stayed at the Moses Fountain Hotel which was awesome!!! It was a bit hard to find but if you follow the directions they send you, you'll be fine. Also they don't have 24 hour concierge so if you like to have that then this place may not work for you.
Only good things to say about this place. They had a nice breakfast but the location and rooms are their selling point.
Our hotel was inside this building. You enter through the side where there is a white camera.

We were right in the middle of everything and on the afternoon we arrived we explored a lot on foot. We actually walked from Termini to the hotel the first day because we had time and we wanted to explore.

Everywhere we went there were beautiful buildings and sculptures on the streets.

 I was enjoying a gelato when I took this photo slurp!

Sadly the Trevi Foundation was under construction : (. But we still enjoyed the fact that we got to see it. On the way to the Trevi Foundation we saw so many restaurants you can pick your choice anywhere. We did not have any bad food experiences in Roma. 

We made a rookie tourist mistake and ordered this sumptuous tray of fish that had no price on it. Needless to say we paid a hefty price that we will not be forgetting any time soon The food was good but when the bill came it left a sour taste in my mouth.

After a long day we went to bed to get ready for our tour the next day. Stay tuned and I'll show you that you can see Rome in one day!

Listening is loving......

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