Building Lasting Friendships

Remember I had said I would be exploring all things that come with turning 30..... So here we go. Apparently by the time you turn 30 you should have figured out who your real friends are, who you should avoid (the bad nonconstructive influences), the leeches in yours life who take and take but never give, who you can call when you have an issue without hesitation....the people who you can truly count on. Your confidants.

Really the idea is that you should have figured out who you need to invest your time and effort in. Trust me when I say that  time is your most valuable resource when you get to this age. The things you do in the next couple of years will probably (highly likely) influence the rest of your life (a topic for another day). But really who you choose to invest your time in will probably be your closest ally.

Realistically by the time you turn 30 you should know all the nuances of a true friend. So all you 30 somethings out there I bet you are in that exclusive club that has figured this issue out. You know who your best buds are and your little circle is not accepting new members: ). Now I turn the question inwards and I'm actually a little afraid to look too closely. I am at a point in my life where I could count my friends on one hand and that's probably stretching it. I do sound quite pitiful don't I?

Maybe I didn't spend my time wisely in my twenties nurturing good friendships. Maybe its being stateside where if you look around you don't see many genuine friendships. Maybe I'm an introvert. Whatever the reason may be the conclusion is the same. When it comes to checking those boxes off on the 'turning 30' matrix I am not faring well. If this was being graded I would score a whooping D in this thing called life at 30 and that's being generous : )....I digress but this is an important issue.

Have you figured out your friendships? The circle of friends that you trust implicitly. If you have, you are truly blessed. I am still working on this, maybe I am too late. I don't think there is a handbook on making good friends and keeping them. I think sometimes you get really lucky and you meet good people. You build great relationships and you maintain them.

Grey's Anatomy has this 'person' thing. Do you have a 'person'? I think my person is my sister. THANK God for sisters. Seriously I could break out in dancing for this friendship. Some of you might say my sister doesn't count but from where I'm standing this is my pot of gold so back off haha. If you have a person or many persons, value them and treasure them. I don't think you need to have many friends but you do need to have a few. Maybe you should start working on rebuilding some bridges. However you can relax, life is always revolving and you don't know who you will bump into tomorrow.

So work on the friendships you need to work on and make new ones. You will need them down the road. You ain't getting younger you know.

Listening is loving....


  1. very good points here i guess i better start mending those bridges i see 30 coming around the corner and i cant seem to get away. Love you too sissy..

  2. for those approaching "40" ...the wisdom still applies ! thanks