Redeemed, Restored & Renewed

Hello friends I hope you had a great weekend and your week is of to a great start.

I had a bit of revelation this weekend where the word of God came alive very succinctly. Faith is such a personal journey isn't it? Each of us battling our own demons and struggles and sometimes in the midst of all of it God speaks and we are lucky enough to be listening that we hear. We are so busy surviving and fighting our way through life, we forget that our story isn't really about us. It is about God. I know for some of you this makes no sense and I won't even attempt to explain it. It has taken a while for that to sink in. This life that I have, however precious is not about me.  The day you realize it's not about you (and I don't mean to sound condescending like I suddenly have the key to life) and you are just a small bleep in history you will be so relieved because you will finally relax and let God.

If we live a life that is intentional in the sense that we focus on what God wants then it becomes so much easier to say 'have your way', 'use this for your glory'. There are things in our lives that aren't clean cut. There is just no easy way to go about them and sometimes it is not even up to us how those things end up. It's so frustrating and it gets to a point where you are so unhappy going through the motions. You know that those things are out of your hands and it so difficult to let go, isn't it. I am a control freak and I want certain things in my life to be in a tidy little row but as you get older those little rows get very crooked.

So anyways this weekend various verses I have been reading came to an intersection and it felt like God had been lighting this path for me to follow. Giving me little snippets of scripture here and there that would finally become this revelation. God is all knowing and there is nothing that hasn't happened in history that won't happen again. People come and go but God remains. If you go through scripture you realize that everything we experience today was experienced by someone in the bible. Also you realize there are no perfect stories in the bible. Everything is messy and bloody. People were fighting all the time, they sinned and fell short everyday and yet God's plans were always fulfilled. The constant thing is steadfast love and mercy.

I don't know where the notion of having to be perfect to be acceptable to God came from. God took the dirty, filthy, sinful, unfaithful, doubting people and in each story He redeemed, restored and renewed. These words give me so much life and peace. I can bring these crooked rows of my life to God now and just say "Take this mess that I have made and redeem it. Restore what is broken and renew a right spirit within me." There are things in our lives we don't even pray about because in our minds we can't even bring them to God. They are too dirty. We don't think God can use them. Well guess what friends nothing is too dirty for Him. Realize that your story however crooked is still God's story. The people we read about in scripture are not the point, they are not the punching line. God is.

So bring it all, come as you are and be redeemed, restored and renewed. It's really is just give it all up to Him. Whatever is broken He will restore. Whatever is a askew He will redeem. Whatever thing in your life needs a restart button He will renew. Remember that we are crowned with steadfast love and mercy. Psalm 103:2-5

Be blessed friends and thanks for reading. If this blessed you share it with someone.

Listening is loving...

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