Peru Machu Picchu

Today I wanted to change gears and chronicle our visit to Peru. We went in August when the weather was just perfect for sightseeing and moderate hiking. The tourist season was also perfect so we didn't have to fight the crowds to sight see.
First things first we caught an evening flight out of Boston to Miami and then Miami to Lima and finally to Cuzco. Miraculously we had no flight delays and we arrived in Cuzco the next morning. Our driver picked us up and off we went on our little adventure.

From the air to the city of Cuzco and then to Machu Picchu. 

We tried guinea pig which is a delicacy in Peru
We ate and drunk lots & lots of Peruvian inspired food

The first day we didn't do much because we needed to get acclimated to the altitude level before we could go to Machu Picchu which was the highlight of our trip so our guide took us round Cuzco. The city, the food and the people were awesome. The slow pace of the city and the relaxed attitude of the city was an added bonus for our mini vacation.

Original Inca construction.
Downtown Cuzco

Train ride to Machu Picchu

Inka building technology. Way advanced for their time. No cement. 

This little bridge was used by the Inka. 
Inka drainage system


And that was most of our trip. Peru is beautiful if you ever get a chance to go head there. Enjoy the Pisco Sour and some guinea pig : ).

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