London in 48 Hours Part 2

We started off bright and early. I booked a the Grand London bike tour with Brake Away and this was one of the best decisions we made. We saw so much of London the pictures don't do it justice. We had a great guide who made sure we saw the changing of the guards and the stories behind some of these place was awesome.

The picture above is table upside down. You can only see three legs from here. Apparently the original design of the building was knocked down and the builders just went with it : ).
Then if you zoom to the right at the far end you'll see the windows are all brick. This is because apparently having windows in the old days was a luxury and only rich people could afford them. Who knew!!
Next up Westminster Abbey. We didn't get to go inside and the I couldn't get the whole building to fit but it was nice to just be there and listen to all their stories.

Our guide had as hustle over to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards. They aren't the best photos but I was there!


People standing on top of walls to watch the changing of the guards. The queen was not in sadly.
Such a beautiful day. Our guide told us we lucked out like seriously. This was in the Spring!!!

And of we went to Trafalgar Square

This photo was a must. My friend is a Sunday school teacher and I thought she would get a crack out of this.

One of the most expensive hotels in London. Savoy.

A much better photo than the one I had in my earlier post of St. Paul's Cathedral.

 We set of to the Tower of London. Please buy tickets here ahead of time. Just avoid those long lines. Oh Joy! I love how people just hung out in the Parks. Have a drink and shoot the $%%&.

 My sister was exhausted at this point as you can see but it was all worth it.
Make sure that you get a tour with the beef-eaters. This guy is the best and he was hilarious as you'll see on the video below.

My friend took so long to take this picture the beef-eater started joking that he may as well have taken a photo.

King Henry's armor : )

 The panorama is beautiful!
The Tower bridge ended our day and we were off to find food!!!

Lastly a short video of the beef-eater.

Listening is loving...

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