Fall Hiking/Day Trip Ideas - New Hampshire

Fall is coming soon and if you live in New England there are so many things to do especially as the temperatures start to fall. Hiking is right up there. Look at the different colors. It is beautiful in the Fall. Here are some photos of New Hampshire to get an idea....

We made a pit stop at the basin which is a short hike. Stop for pictures.

We started our hike with this view. Fraconia Notch Parkway. You can see more reviews for people who have been here.

We stopped to take it all in. We took a random Friday off for our hike. It gets crowded on the weekends. In the summer you can actually swim in some of these spots. It was quiet and serene. God's work is beautiful in our sight. Yes! Yes!

This was a little dangerous detour. I'm sure this is not allowed. We climbed up to the waterfall to get photo ops!

Isn't this beautiful!

And lastly my beautiful sister!

Go out there and enjoy the world. Always a surprise around the corner.

Listening is loving...

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  1. This was an awesome trip, views are breath taking and we got to call ourselves hikers hehe!!