Doing Things As A Couple

As you get older you realize that your crowd gets smaller and smaller. In your twenties you could do vacations with like ten or more people. I remember partying it up in Las Vegas with like twelve people in my crew that's how we used to roll : ) haha, I can't imagine doing something like that now. It would not be something I would consider fun or a fun getaway. Also as the destinations get better the crowd lessens. Funny how that happens.

My point is as you get older you tend to be more selective with where you spend your money and your time and more importantly with the people you spend it with. I've noticed a trend where many people as they get older they lean towards doing couple things. Just the two of them. Usually for big trips like Europe or even smaller ones tailored for the enjoyment of two.

This got me have to be careful who you pick as your mate. I know some friends of mine who date difficult people like serious prima donnas.  Either they never want to go anywhere or when they do they complain the whole time. As a couple you have to have some common ground or at least things that you like doing together. My boyfriend doesn't like planning, I on the other hand do not mind planning at all. So we settle this quite easily I plan and he has to go along with everything (mostly everything) on the itinerary. It helps that he's engaged in the planning because I can run ideas by him and usually he's game.

After our last trip to Europe on our way back I started thinking that if he was like some of my exes who were just not interested in traveling it would suck big time. Or if he was one of those people who don't see any value in traveling and would not be willing to spend the money it would create serious issues between us. Now don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with not liking to travel you can certainly find other things to do but can you imagine being with someone who wasn't interested in doing anything you liked. That would suck!!

In the end it's usually just the two of you whoever that special someone is. Your girlfriends will get busy with their own lives. You'll find that you spend most of your time together so you better have things you like doing together or you might become one dysfunctional couple. Think about couples that workout, travel or hike together (insert anything you could with another person) they become closer because they have common interests beyond themselves. Try to cultivate things that you can do and enjoy together. Your boyfriend will eventually be your husband and your best friend.

Don't just go through the motions, find things to do together and create experiences that will make for great memories. The more things you do together the more you will look forward to seeing your significant other. Be open minded to try new things. In Hawaii we rode ATVs and at first I was super skeptical. I was like isn't this basically just driving around and having to pay a lot of money to do it (nothing is cheap in Hawaii). He goes just try it. I'll tell you I had so much fun, more so because of how much he was enjoying himself. Moral of my little story is, go out there and discover things to do together. It will bring you closer. Experiences bind people together.

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