Beautifully Flawed

The Monalisa. At the Louvre. I was surprised at how small she is. She is imperfectly perfect.
We are our own worst critiques. I'm always thinking I need to lose weight, maybe I should have put on some make up today, this dress just doesn't look right on me, I am not smart enough etc Social media doesn't help either, we see people that we know or don't know posting pictures and boy do they look good. Seriously where do these people live? I want to go there. They have perfect bodies, perfect clothes, perfect make up, perfect boyfriend, perfect friends, perfect jobs... you name it they have it and its perfect!!!

That's when my insecurities start roaring. Usually its a small quiet voice in my head but when I go to say Instagram its like BOOM. The voice gets really loud and I'm like I need to put in an extra half hour at the gym today, I need to start dieting etc Do you ever see imperfect photos on Instagram EVER??? I'm not one to throw shade because some of those girls there are looking good. With this thought in the back of my mind I had a funny little thing happen today.

I was walking to work wearing this cute little dress that I love. I have gained some weight since I wore it last year in the summer. I see a reflection of myself in the mirror and I think 'little girl that dress might need to go on the donation pile'. I mean I still look nice but there are some parts of me that could use some toning (read thunder thighs). Side note its funny the things I don't like about my body the boyfriend loves. He'll be spanking my butt (TMI haha) as we walk in the mall or something and I'll be thinking he probably thinks its too big. Why do I immediately go negative instead of taking it as a complement?

Anyways as I was getting off the elevator I asked myself why am I always so harsh with myself. While it is important to maintain a certain weight depending on your physique it is not the end of the world if you are a couple of inches or pounds over. I need to learn to be happy with this body I am in. I think we all need a filter of what we allow in because some things start chipping away at your self esteem and you start having some dark or nonconstructive thoughts.

The hype now is working out and building muscle and butts. You only need to browse through Instagram to see all these fitness gurus who are making a killing promoting this lifestyle.But who knows what the hype will be a year from now. Things are constantly changing and maybe next year having a six pack will not be the most attractive thing on the planet. With my self critiquing and insecurities comes the questions we ask our friends. Do I look fat? Do you think this dress makes me look big? Asking this questions constantly can be come irritating and annoying. So find your balance wherever that may be and concentrate on loving you!!

I will qualify this and say if you see something you like by all means try it. However the strive for perfection is so futile. I can't imagine how much effort it takes to look flawless and I applaud anyone who is able to achieve a state 'flawlessness' constantly. I don't think anyone was meant to be perfect maybe just beautifully flawed. So shut down that voice in your head!

Listening is loving....

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