Redeemed, Restored & Renewed

Hello friends I hope you had a great weekend and your week is of to a great start.

I had a bit of revelation this weekend where the word of God came alive very succinctly. Faith is such a personal journey isn't it? Each of us battling our own demons and struggles and sometimes in the midst of all of it God speaks and we are lucky enough to be listening that we hear. We are so busy surviving and fighting our way through life, we forget that our story isn't really about us. It is about God. I know for some of you this makes no sense and I won't even attempt to explain it. It has taken a while for that to sink in. This life that I have, however precious is not about me.  The day you realize it's not about you (and I don't mean to sound condescending like I suddenly have the key to life) and you are just a small bleep in history you will be so relieved because you will finally relax and let God.

Rome Day One

After we did our London tour here & here we headed off to Rome aaah Roma I loved it!!! The food, the people just amazing. I have never seen more relaxed nonchalant airport security than I did in Rome. The line was long but I couldn't be bothered I was in Italy!!

Reasons Why People Cheat

Why do people cheat? Are they looking for something that's missing in their relationships or are they just greedy. You've seen people who have great partners but they still cheat. Why? Like seriously is it a predisposition that people have and they just can't help themselves? This is not a rhetorical question for you cheaters : ). I hope you can sense the sarcasm in that question.

Show Some Compassion When Traveling

Maybe some of you have thought about this before but on one of my recent flights it dawned on me that we all travel for different reasons. For some us it is a happy occasion and for some of us it is not. It could be for business or personal reasons. You could be running from something or to something. You could be going home or to the unknown. Not everyone on that flight is as excited as you are to get to where they are going.

Signs That You Can't Rely On Someone

So today I'm feeling a little disappointed in myself. With my experiences you would think I'd be more careful about placing too much reliance on other people. You see the way you see things isn't necessarily the same way another person will see them, especially when that particular thing is not of equal importance to that other person. I wasn't even angry that said people/person did not come through, I was disappointed that I based my decisions solely on the premise that they would do what we had agreed on.

Things I Wish I Could Do With My Father

My old man died the year I turned 21, how's that for an anti-climax? Now this isn't a sob story because I had a great dad. I mean that man pretty much walked on water if you ask me. I had a great childhood and my father played a big role in that. I have so many fond memories of my father and growing up with him as my father is the biggest and most valuable blessing in my life. 

Where You Invest Your Love You Invest Your Heart

The song by Mumford & Sons rings so true doesn't it. "How fickle my heart and how fickle my mind...And where you invest your life you invest your heart." Fickle means something that changes frequently, something that's volatile. But that's not even the important part, the important part is that it relates to changing ones loyalty, interests and affection.

As human beings we change our loyalties so often, it's like we can't make up our minds and just stick to one thing. Our favorite stores change all the time, restaurants, tastes, styles... It's a constant continuous revolving door. Stores, hotels, restaurants etc has a rewards program for shoppers who are loyal to them calling them 'members' to retain your ever changing loyalty. You belong to their program because you have chosen to use whatever product or service they provide frequently. Ironically you can be a member of as many programs as you want. So what does that say about your loyalty? : )

London in 48 Hours Part 2

We started off bright and early. I booked a the Grand London bike tour with Brake Away and this was one of the best decisions we made. We saw so much of London the pictures don't do it justice. We had a great guide who made sure we saw the changing of the guards and the stories behind some of these place was awesome.

London in 48 Hours Part 1

So we had a little under 48 hours in London and we managed to see a lot. We typically don't use tours but for our short stint I had a few tours lined up. So here we go.

Without Trust Your Relationship is Dysfunctional

Trust is one of the most important ingredient in a relationship. I mean there is love and respect and all that other good stuff but when you lose trust in any relationship it's doomed. If someone betrays you, you don't stop loving them overnight but trusting them becomes a thing of the past.

It is not always about you

It is not always about you. Say that out loud. Sometimes you have to take yourself out of situation for you to have clarity.

Have you ever been in a huge fight and not really understood how it even started and the more you think about it, you realize how trivial the issue is. You feel like an idiot but then you can't backtrack because you are knee deep in a mess that you created. You know it would have been avoidable if you had just taken a step back to put the issue in perspective because sometimes whatever the other person is going through has nothing to do with you. It doesn't matter that it is your husband, your best friend or whatever, it is just not about you.

Fall Hiking/Day Trip Ideas - New Hampshire

Fall is coming soon and if you live in New England there are so many things to do especially as the temperatures start to fall. Hiking is right up there. Look at the different colors. It is beautiful in the Fall. Here are some photos of New Hampshire to get an idea....

Ten Qualities to be 'Wifey Material'

Are you wifey material?

This question annoys me? I mean seriously why do we have to have a universal measure/standard of 'wifey material'? Different guys want different things. So why does the standard exist and any deviation from it sends you to the purgatory of the single and approaching spinsterhood. While this post is not about women equality or protesting against some unfair standard set by men, it is an introspective look to see are you really wifey material.

Five Things That Could Change the Direction of Your Life

Why do people keep doing the same thing and expect different results. I mean if you keep doing the same thing and it doesn't work its time to switch strategies asap!

Losing Weight is Hard

Just do it!! Sounds so easy but its not!
A professor of mine once said weight loss is harder than making money. Now said professor makes money in his sleep with his investments, books etc so I thought 'how dare he?', 'how arrogant is that?'. In retrospect this man was right. I mean I have been working my butt off at the gym for the past year with nothing to show for it. Based on the progress pictures I see on Instagram I should be looking fine like really good but I'll be the first to tell you no one is signing me up for a Nike commercial anytime soon.

No One Wins in Comparison

I'm sure you have had of the comparison trap where at one point or the other you compare yourself to your siblings, friends, co-workers etc as a measure of how you are doing. A little while ago my pastor preached on it and it caused some of my feathers to be ruffled. As long as you label your need for more things or your discontentment with what you have as ambition it becomes justifiable. We all want progress and we all want good things. BUT what is the source of this need or want?

Doing Things As A Couple

As you get older you realize that your crowd gets smaller and smaller. In your twenties you could do vacations with like ten or more people. I remember partying it up in Las Vegas with like twelve people in my crew that's how we used to roll : ) haha, I can't imagine doing something like that now. It would not be something I would consider fun or a fun getaway. Also as the destinations get better the crowd lessens. Funny how that happens.

Canceling Your Engagement

How many people do you know would have the guts to walk away from an engagement/wedding? There is some history behind this question. I know of someone who cancelled her engagement after realizing she had made the wrong call. Basically she realized a few months into the engagement that this man was not the one. That decision took guts like spartan type of guts.

Beautifully Flawed

The Monalisa. At the Louvre. I was surprised at how small she is. She is imperfectly perfect.
We are our own worst critiques. I'm always thinking I need to lose weight, maybe I should have put on some make up today, this dress just doesn't look right on me, I am not smart enough etc Social media doesn't help either, we see people that we know or don't know posting pictures and boy do they look good. Seriously where do these people live? I want to go there. They have perfect bodies, perfect clothes, perfect make up, perfect boyfriend, perfect friends, perfect jobs... you name it they have it and its perfect!!!

Ten Things a New Bride Should Know

Sagrada Familia
The book of Proverbs says that the wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. This is one of those things you read and you have to pause and reflect whether you are a Christian or not.

Building Lasting Friendships

Remember I had said I would be exploring all things that come with turning 30..... So here we go. Apparently by the time you turn 30 you should have figured out who your real friends are, who you should avoid (the bad nonconstructive influences), the leeches in yours life who take and take but never give, who you can call when you have an issue without hesitation....the people who you can truly count on. Your confidants.

Peru Machu Picchu

Today I wanted to change gears and chronicle our visit to Peru. We went in August when the weather was just perfect for sightseeing and moderate hiking. The tourist season was also perfect so we didn't have to fight the crowds to sight see.
First things first we caught an evening flight out of Boston to Miami and then Miami to Lima and finally to Cuzco. Miraculously we had no flight delays and we arrived in Cuzco the next morning. Our driver picked us up and off we went on our little adventure.

From the air to the city of Cuzco and then to Machu Picchu.