Turning 30 - Baby or no Baby

I keep thinking I am turning the big 30 soon!!! Isn't this supposed to be where you have finally figured it all out? I mean look around you 30 year olds are married, buying their first homes, having babies, have stable jobs you name it and they are getting it done!!!

Then I look at me and I'm scared to look too hard because I'll see all the things I haven't done. It is a scary place to be because most 'experts' say that if you haven't yet figured it all out by this age then you are going down hill or somewhere no one wants to be : ). Over the next few posts I will explore what turning 30 looks like to me. Today I start with babies.

I recently had a health scare that got me very concerned about my future even my own doctor said if I planned on having babies I should probably start now. My mum actually said to me 'you should have a baby' in that quiet way that mum's speak and you actually really listen.

Honestly I am not ready for a baby like seriously I don't see myself as a mum. I thought that at this age I would start feeling my maternal instincts pulling at me to have a baby. BUT I don't. Instead I want to travel, I want to grow spiritually, I'd like to buy a home but it's not a deal breaker, I want to be debt free (read school loans), I want to get married first (some people would probably question this but I don't want to raise a baby by myself if I don't have to) and I want to have all those things that 30 years olds who have 'figured' it out have. I want all these things before I make such a big and permanent change in my life.

Being a Christian I always revert back to my faith. I believe strongly that there is a time and a place for everything. So I listen to that still small voice that says "Be still and know that I am God". There will always be opinions about what you should be doing at any stage of your life but you have to know and understand yourself. I know I'm not ready to be a mum and I also know that this is not the season for it yet. So I wait on God to align these things for me.

Now if you are not a Christian you are thinking bla bla bla but honestly if you think about life, you realize that important things happen in seasons. You have to be aware of yourself and the environment you are in to see and recognize the changing seasons. Surely if you are 30 I am sure you are not partying as hard as you used to in your early 20s. The seasons of your life have changed and you are not interested in the seasons that have passed. You are 30 and you do things quite differently from when you were 20.

In this season that I am in, I am not ready for a baby - 30s be darned! : ). It will happen in the right time. As I conclude that its no baby for me now or in the near future I urge you to be reflective oF your life. To be keen to recognize the seasons of your life and the changes that come with it. Whatever your faith is do not listen to what everyone else has to say instead listen to yourself and to God if you believe. If a baby is in your season I wish you all the best.

Listening is loving....


  1. Hhmm awesome post, i need some of that Faith and i need to learn to wait on God. I really really want a baby but you make a good point i dont want to raise a kid on my own so i will wait on God, he has the blu prints of my life so why wouldnt i listen to him :)!

  2. I like this topic because we have bought into the idea that we must or should have babies by the time we turn 30. Its hard not to look at it from society's point of view as we know the older we get, the more complicated it gets for pregnancy and delivery issues. That said we cannot forget the idea that you beautifully portrayed about waiting for God's time.....that said, even in my 30's.......i will wait for him.