My Ingratitude

Do you constantly find yourself complaining not aloud oh God no!! It would ruin the perfect picture you present to people. Sometimes you voice your complaints because you feel like you need to be heard and something needs to be done and not by you of course that would mean you were at fault and that's just not possible!
Hawaii Thinking how blessed I was to see this. From my Iphone

I find myself doing it a lot! Especially with the boyfriend. He will say no to something and I will be screaming bloody murder!! How I quickly forget how generous and gentle he is. When he does something that is so thoughtful and I count myself sooo lucky and then I get amnesia and forget. He becomes the worst possible boyfriend anyone could have. When I'm having my little rants in my head I think about how inconsiderate he is. Anything that could be wrong with a man in those moments of my ingratitude and self possession he is.

I am slowly learning to tone it down and I'm telling you its by grace because I couldn't do it without some sort of divine intervention. I am spoiled by this man and sometimes I forget. I think he has the patience of Job...and that's a conversation for another day. This is just an example of my reality but I think its the reality for many of us. The situations may be different where you find yourself complaining to God if you are a Christian about how something didn't work out quickly forgetting how you were celebrating a miracle that happened. Or when something doesn't work out the way it should and immediately you start complaining about how unfair something is or how you deserved it more than another person etc

I would like to encourage us to pause in these instances of ingratitude and just reflect on what is really troubling us because often there is an underlying issue. With me its usually my insecurities, jealousy, greed, pride etc When I pause to think and listen to the rational voice inside (its not very loud so I have to really listen and humble myself : )) I remember times when the boyfriend has really come through for me and it causes my heart to calm down because whatever he has done or not done is usually not that serious. It's not a deal breaker he is still the same awesome guy he was before the situation came up.

Learn to stop and relax and realize it's all good and you have so much going for you. Whether it's a job thing -  at least you have one, a relationship thing -  at least you have someone who is committed to you and your drama (trust me we all have drama), something you thought God would do - celebrate that He knows you and He wants the best for you and He always has your back.

If you change your attitude about various issues in your life you learn to be content and grateful with what you have. Certainly that doesn't mean you settle, it just means you are smart enough to know when you have something good going for you. This will probably make you happier than when you are complaining.

Listening is loving....

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