Love or Like Alot

Relationships are difficult without having to figure out if you are in love with someone or you are in like. Would you rather be with someone who you love unequivocally but disagree on something as important as having children? Shouldn't you both want the same things to be deemed as truly compatible and in love? Or would you rather be with someone who you like a lot but who gives you everything?

I think sometimes we are forced to choose between someone we are in love with versus someone we like a lot.

Would you stay with someone you really loved but disagreed on the important things in life? Is it better to be with someone you love perhaps the elusive soul mate rather than be with someone you get along with fine but who if you were truly honest with yourself you'd find you were not really in love with them. However the said person checks all the boxes that you want. Which one is considered settling?

People talk about compromising. Finding that line where you are comfortable with what you have and are willing to let go of things you would want but don't have. So some people compromise and choose to stay with people they are fond of and who give them the things they want. Others choose to stay with people they love but who won't give them everything they want.

Where do you find yourself? Are you with someone you are in love with  but who probably doesn't want children or something that is important to you? Maybe they don't believe in marriage but you would like to be married? It doesn't stop you from loving them though. Or are you with someone who you like a lot but who gives you everything? With this person you can check all the boxes on your wish list. Do you think that whichever relationship a person finds themselves they are truly happy?

People divorce because somewhere down the line they just don't want the same things. Do you think the couple that is in love has more likelihood of surviving compared to the couple that stayed together because they want the same things? Does love truly conquer all or do other things create a greater bond between a couple?

I honestly don't know how many people can say they found 'The One' but if you have, more power to you. If you are with someone and you are making it work because you have given up on the idea of finding true love or have found true love but your person doesn't give you all you need and you are happy then even  more power to you.

Listening is loving....


  1. Quite a conundrum! Such is the nature of life, a journey of discovery and revelations but mostly of challenges within ourselves.

  2. I love the picture. I like the picture. I am fond of the picture. In any way, It's still Paris!