Heart Condition

I have been thinking (a lot) lately that everything we do is really about the condition of our hearts. It does not matter which religion you follow or don't follow. Everything we do, think and speak is based on the condition of our hearts.

The condition of my heart is based on some preconceived ideas I have put in there. If I purpose to be kind to people regardless of how unkind they are, then they should not be able to influence my reactions to them. Why? Because my heart has been set to operate in a certain way.

I am a christian, so I aim to follow scripture as a guide to how I interact with people and as  a guide also to the condition of said heart. This has been so difficult in application. Because the truth is people can be mean. I commute everyday to work for example and I'll be the first to tell you between the drive to the train station and the train ride to work sometimes the urge to curse at someone or give them a piece of my mind is so strong....(because in my mind I am always right and they are always wrong : ) isn't that how we all think??) this is a subject for another day.

Lately however I have been pausing and asking myself why am I getting so angry. Why am I so worked up. And not just in the situation above, but in everything. If my boyfriend angers me, if someone says something inconsiderate, at work, when I fight with my sister... whatever it may be. I have been constantly reminding myself it is about the condition of my heart. If I allow outside variables to cause such a great disturbance in my spirit then something is wrong with me. I can choose to be kind and to just walk away and literally 'dust off my shoulder' because in the grand skim of things IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS.

One of the reasons this has been such a huge lesson lately is that it works. Setting your heart to take the high road and really humbling yourself in certain situations actually works in your best interest. In the news this past week two drivers had some road rage issues. Driver 1 flipped driver 2 and driver 2 with his kids in the car followed driver 2. Driver 1 had a gun in the car. He called his wife saying he would shoot driver 2. His wife called 911 while begging him not to shoot but he fatally shot driver 2 anyway while the kids were in the car.

This broke my heart. It was so unnecessary. We encounter strangers everyday and we don't know what they are going through. Ever seen someone so mad/angry and you wonder 'what's going on there?' Someone flipping you should not over ride your common sense so much that you follow someone with your kids in the car. Neither should your first inclination be to shoot or fight with someone.

If your heart is set on something higher you can condition yourself to react differently and to just let it go. IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS. Most things are contextual.
Learn to put things in context and maybe you'll be a little happier.

Listening is loving.....


  1. So true how we treat other people and how we react to situations is a reflection on the condition of our hearts. Showing love even when our situations would have us react in a different way is hard but imagine what this world would be like if people just tried to show love.

  2. How easily we lose ourselves into madness continues to blow my mind. In some parts of the world, a simple gesture, or an innocent glimpse at someone in a certain way can be perceived as an act of scorn and disrespect, the ensuing repercussions have been known to be tragic and even fatal. What we lack in love and personal knowledge, is a hole filled with rage waiting to be unleashed uncontrollably without notice. The balance between madness and sanity is a constant struggle, and the line between them grows even more thin nowadays as is evidenced by the many regrettable incidents that continue to happen in our society. Sadly, they are mostly easily avoidable. Maybe its time we started listening to ourselves, our hearts, our family members, our friends and neighbors...just a little more intently!

  3. I read this and thought of how hard it is for me to forgive others or ask f or forgiveness. Maybe because for so long my heart has been conditioned to see this as a sign of weakness, and even though I know better than that, I am still proud.......my heart has been conditioned. May God help me in my weaknesses and may he guide me to help better deal with circumstances better, the way that would make him proud.