Big Wedding or Small Wedding

I hope I am not jinxing myself by even thinking about my 'future' wedding. The intention to get married is there and the act of getting married is sealed of with a wedding whether it's at the magistrates office or an elaborate affair. But the question is, do I want a big wedding or do I prefer a small intimate wedding.

St Peter's Basilica - Rome. This aisle is quite impressive. I bet walking down such an aisle to hubby would be awesome

I could probably go the Kate Middleton route and plan this extravagant wedding where I would roll in, in my rented Rolls Royce (read acquiring unnecessary debt), dressed in my designer gown that will also cost a fortune, into a church that will cost a small fortune for the ceremony to the reception that will also be astronomically expensive given my meager fortune : ) or lack there of. These are just a few of the expenses I can think off the top of my head.

Is all that necessary though? The planning alone is a killer not withstanding the need to either do a fundraiser, deplete our savings or borrow money to cover the cost. And for what? A pastor I know once said that a wedding is like a play that you go to watch. The bride and grooms crew are the actors and actresses in this play that has been orchestrated by the bride. After a long day everyone goes home and that is that. People may talk about the dresses (costumes), decorations and flowers (props) for two weeks max and then its history.

I'm thinking about the alternative; a small get together with my friends and family in the presence of God and I feel like this may be a better route for me. Our vows would be heard by everyone attending because they'd probably only be a handful meaning they would have front row seats. They would really get to 'witness' this joining. I bet they would remember our vows at-least some of it > memories. We would perhaps have a party and I insist on having that first dance, its the memories that count after all. I don't know what kind of dress I'd be wearing but it would be one that the future hubby won't be forgeting  any time soon....again memories. Mine and His. My dress would probably be the only splurge I would make. I am a girl after all and my wedding dress has to be nice. Nice things are not cheap so...  We are the ones that count. The celebration is about us not the flare or the pomp just us.

I bet if you asked a bride about her wedding she may not even remember who was there and all that. She will remember her husband's eyes when he promised to love her and only her. The drama that goes with wedding planning probably feels like whip lash because no one would want to do it again.

Think about it who really cares that it's your wedding day. Probably just you, the hubs and your close family and friends. Everyone else is there for the food and to criticize your poor taste : ). I picture my wedding day as the day I commit myself to someone else. This is a serious commitment and I don't want to be distracted by things that won't matter in the long run. I want us to be fully present in the moment and to do that for me it would mean as little flare as possible. Perhaps an intimate affair is right up my alley. Now to find husband....

Listening is loving....

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