Big Wedding or Small Wedding

I hope I am not jinxing myself by even thinking about my 'future' wedding. The intention to get married is there and the act of getting married is sealed of with a wedding whether it's at the magistrates office or an elaborate affair. But the question is, do I want a big wedding or do I prefer a small intimate wedding.

St Peter's Basilica - Rome. This aisle is quite impressive. I bet walking down such an aisle to hubby would be awesome

Love or Like Alot

Relationships are difficult without having to figure out if you are in love with someone or you are in like. Would you rather be with someone who you love unequivocally but disagree on something as important as having children? Shouldn't you both want the same things to be deemed as truly compatible and in love? Or would you rather be with someone who you like a lot but who gives you everything?

I think sometimes we are forced to choose between someone we are in love with versus someone we like a lot.

My Ingratitude

Do you constantly find yourself complaining not aloud oh God no!! It would ruin the perfect picture you present to people. Sometimes you voice your complaints because you feel like you need to be heard and something needs to be done and not by you of course that would mean you were at fault and that's just not possible!
Hawaii Thinking how blessed I was to see this. From my Iphone

Turning 30 - Baby or no Baby

I keep thinking I am turning the big 30 soon!!! Isn't this supposed to be where you have finally figured it all out? I mean look around you 30 year olds are married, buying their first homes, having babies, have stable jobs you name it and they are getting it done!!!

Heart Condition

I have been thinking (a lot) lately that everything we do is really about the condition of our hearts. It does not matter which religion you follow or don't follow. Everything we do, think and speak is based on the condition of our hearts.