Your Best Version Is A Decision Away

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been here whoa but life happens especially around the holidays. We get busy and some things just fall on the wayside not because they are unimportant but because if we tried to do everything we would end up spreading ourselves too thin. Some things would not get the attention they deserve and that would be an injustice. I have however missed this space! I hope you are all well and that your holidays have been awesome!

Girrafes in Kenya

Thanksgiving For Our Blessings In Disguise

Thanksgiving is around the corner and I think its the perfect time to take stock and ask yourself what are you most grateful for. The year is ending and all those resolutions you had at the beginning of the  year must seem like they were from another era unless you are among the few that actually followed through. Resolutions are good because they mean you are intentional about the things you want to do but I also think that we should adopt lifestyles in our lives. Resolutions don't defines us, lifestyles do.

How Long Should You Date Before Making The Big Move?

I've been a bit quiet on the blog these past few days because I have been super busy and currently I'm in the lovely city of Secaucus, New Jersey for work. I've been here for the past week and the blog had to take a back seat.

Choose Between A Bad Boss And A Raise

Today I heard someone ask if you had to choose between a bad boss and a raise what would you pick. My mind is immediately hung up on the raise but how much money is worth your peace of mind? At the end of the day isn't is about how much bacon you get to take home?

Who Is Willing To Give You The Shirt Off Their Back?

I'm sure you have heard people say they will give you the shirt off their back or they will have your back anytime 365 days 24 hours bla bla bla. I've always wondered and at the back of my mind known that human beings will say anything to make you feel good but when push comes to shove that person ain't got your back for nothing. Writing this post reminds me of that country song "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" by Tracy Lawrence. That song is the truth!!!

Silent Treatment

Hiiii hope you all had a great weekend. I had a nice chilled out weekend, I'm finding that these days that's the way to go. By Friday the thought of going anywhere sounds like torture, what's happening to me??? Old age I guess : (. As long as you enjoy whatever you are doing who cares right, even if it involves pajamas, ice cream and a big old bottle of wine.

Endings & Beginnings

When you go to the movies you go there to get entertained and to enjoy yourself, so regardless of the theme of the movie you always hope that there is a happy ending and often there is. Sadly real life has no guarantees. Happy endings do happen but not everyone gets that silver lining.

My Journey And The High Priest

Today I wanted to talk about journeys. I had never really understood what Christians mean when they say that this world is just a journey it is not by and large the destination. This temporary bodies we inhabit are a preparation for something greater. It's funny the way the spirit of God works. Here I am minding my own business reading scripture until one job title caught my eye.


Hello hello everybody and good morning.

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Thanks for all your support and have a great week ahead.

Listening is loving....

Do You Send Bible Verses Instead Of Engaging In Real Conversations?

I was thinking about some of the group chats I'm in and sometimes I just want to laugh at the conversations we have or perhaps at the conversations we don't have. Not because its funny but because people like to send verses from the bible or talk in lingo that might as well be Greek. Remember how you would get forwards on yahoo of christian messages and stuff like that and you would delete them before you even read them, that trend has no jumped on to whatsapp.

Men: How Archaic Is The 'I Was Trapped Excuse'? You Need To Get Over It!

Today's post is a challenge to men out there. I was talking to a friend of mine on the train and she brought up the issue of entrapment as it relates to women 'trapping' men by getting babies. I feel like this whole thought process is archaic, I mean seriously how does a baby trap anyone? In the old days when you happened to get a girl pregnant you were probably forced to marry her on the premise that you have a responsibility to take care of. That is how it should be. You have a responsibility for whatever you have sown. However times have changed and while you don't have to marry anyone you do have to take care of your child.

Wisdom Is More Precious Than Jewels

I read these words in a devotional, 'Wisdom isn't knowing all the answers, it's knowing what's important and walking in light of that.' When you read these words you have kind of like a duh moment in the sense that it seems so easy to do and so intuitive. You know what you need to do and therefore it follows that your actions will always follow that knowledge. Friends isn't it true that knowing what we ought to do and doing what we ought to do are two very separate things?

Are You More Than Average or Are You Sleep Walking Through Your Life?

Last night I woke up in a cold sweat and it wasn't because I had a nightmare or anything like that. It was because of the thoughts that had been running through my mind the entire day. Now this wasn't anything unusual because often when my mind focuses on something, like most people these thoughts spill over into my dreams.

5 Cheap/Free Things To Do As A Family Or Couple

The idea behind these suggestions is to get the opportunity to spend time together and also to be present. I'm sure you have seen a trend where people get home switch on their televisions, iPads or whatever but they never have real conversations. The ads with parents texting their kids to do something while they are in the same house are kind of sad. What happened to having conversations?

What happened to seating together and just bonding? The suggestions below are low key ways to bond with your family and friends. Stay connected friends it is so much better than being glued to your phone. Know your kids and be more accessible to them. Find ways to connect to people in real tangible ways. Be intentional with the time you spend with your family and friends.

Why You Should Have a 401K Plan

Today I am wearing my accountant/financial planner hat. I have so many friends who don't have a retirement account. I have never really understood why they do not jump on this because it is FREE money. Yes you work for someone and they give you something extra when you sign up for their 401K plan.

Here is how it works. If you work for a company that offers a retirement plan as one of their benefits please go call Human Resources right now and tell them you want to sign up. If you are super skeptical then start with maybe 1% of your salary, that's peanuts and I will argue this until I am blue in the face. You can spare 1% of your weekly or biweekly check.

Your company probably matches you 100% up to 3% that means as long as you have signed up your company will contribute whatever you contribute up to 3%. So if you start doing 1% and your company matches 1% then you will not lose that money because your company will match your contribution.

Then now comes in the beauty of it COMPOUNDING INTEREST.

I will attempt to explain to you using chart below from JP Morgan.

Stop Wishing Your Days Away

Good morning good people. How are you all this fine Wednesday. Doesn't it seem like the days are going by so fast? You wake up on a Monday and then before you know it Friday is here. I remember a few years ago a co-worker of mine told me that I should stop wishing my days away. This was after I had told her in a sad voice 'Is it Friday yet?'.

We Are Filled To Be Emptied

Hey everybody how are you doing this cold morning? Sadly the summer is long gone and it's starting to get chilly out there. It reminds me of the seasons of our lives. As summer turns to fall and the leaves are falling it's a reminder that soon we'll start getting mountains of snow brrr!!!

Does Your Person Make You Better?

I know that love has many faces and it's certainly shown in so many different ways. The thing about love is it is so easy to spot there is no guessing there are no ifs, when you see it you know it. If you are a HGTV fan then I'm sure you watch fixer upper and you know Chip and Joanna Gaines. This couple gives me life! They have that love that goes deep, watching them gives you that good feeling on the inside. There is hope friends.

Brush That Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Remember a few weeks ago I had a post about the condition of our hearts and how it dictates our actions and pretty much everything we do? Well I am constantly finding that where you set your heart and mind really does impact your life every day.


So yesterday while I was writing about saying sorry more often it occurred to me that with apologizing comes forgiveness. That's another difficult thing to do (it seems like lately there have been many difficulties : )). To forgive means letting go of your anger and entitlement. As much as saying sorry is hard I think accepting an apology is just as hard.

Saying 'I Am Sorry'

Saying sorry is one of the most difficult things to do, isn't it? I find that bringing myself to admit that I have wronged someone or that I have caused them some hurting is just about the hardest thing for me to do. It is admitting that I am less than perfect and it essentially means humbling myself enough to admit it to another person. I don't see enough people standing up and owning their wrong doing. It is just not easy with out egos floating around.

Say 'I Love You' More Often

Why is it so hard for people to say 'I love you'? Not in a friendly context but within the confines of a more than platonic relationship. People just don't say these words often enough.

The Different Levels Of Singlehood

So I've been thinking about the different levels of single hood. Every time I fill in one application or the other the box single or married always comes up and I think to myself yeah I am a lone soldier out here as I check off the status section.

Paris, France

Soooo after we got out of Barcelona we headed to Paris for the last leg of our trip. By now we were tired but really excited to see the city of love.
The first day we took our bags to the hotel and immediately headed to Sacre Couer.
 The views from here are amazing so head out there buy a bottle of wine and seat with the crowds and enjoy the sunset.

In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Hey everyone it's been a while since I last posted....reason I went on a little vaca and now I'm back bummer!!!! In all seriousness thanks for reading my blog and spending your precious time with me.

30 Things I Realized About Life Before Turning 30

This post was featured on lifehack yesterday. I am turning 30 today and all I can say glory be to God. Enjoy these tips and be blessed.

Where does the time go??? The dreaded 30 is just around the corner beckoning at me but instead of looking back and wondering what I could have done, should have done or shouldn't have done, I choose to celebrate it. I think we take life for granted these days and we dread getting older. Getting older should be a celebration of how far we have come, the achievements we have made and the experiences we have had along the way. We can all agree we are better for it.

Montserrat, Spain

After hanging out in Barcelona we set off for a day trip in Montserrat. The place is breathtaking. Now you'll hear people say it is a tourist trap but if you take the hikes and take your time to enjoy the scenery it is totally worth it. The mountains have an interesting shape some of which Sagrada Familia is based on. Also the boys choir is a wonderful detour to take if you happen to find them performing.

As you can see the pictures were breathtaking and these don't even do this beautiful place justice.

The Greatest Of This Is Love

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

In the Meantime Seasons

Sometimes we go through 'in the meantime' seasons when the only alternative we have is to trust God and to have blind faith. I'm sure we have all gone through seasons in our lives when God seemed distant and just really quiet. Or maybe you are just in a place in your life where something needs to change and you can't find a simple solution. Your only option was or is to pray and hope that whatever God's plan is His plan will end up favoring you.

Barcelona, Spain

After our week long stay in Italy we took a flight from Venice to Barcelona. Budget airlines are really the way to go. Needless to say we loved Barcelona so much we talked about moving there. A cab ride from the airport to our hotel Soho was hustle free. We got a really good deal and stayed in one of their terrace rooms with beautiful views of Barcelona.
On arrival we didn't waste any time and we set off to explore.

Las Ramblas
 I was doing the happy dance in my seat. The vibe in Barcelona is un-explainable. We felt like we fit right in.

When People See You, What Do They See?

I was reading my bible today and as I scrolled through the verses specifically in the book of Galatians I came across these words 'self evident'. The gist of it is that when we truly follow Christ something changes within us that causes us to be different. Not the holier than though different but a genuine good kind of difference that people see in you. We are all not perfect and we are not asked to be perfect.

Compartmentalize Your Relationships

Have you ever found yourself holding people up to either extremely high expectations or just expecting things that you shouldn't be expecting from them? There's a saying about not expecting too much from people and avoiding disappointment.

Venice, Italy

We arrived in Venice all excited because we were in the city of beautiful canals and really beautiful buildings. The weather wasn't cooperating and it rained for most of the time we were in Venice. We didn't care it was still just nice to be there and enjoy the moment.

13 Small Changes To a Happier You

Are you just surviving each day, getting by, living a routine and really just existing with no end or purpose in mind? These are introspective questions that force you to think about the direction of your life. Is there purpose to the things you do? Is there meaning to life as you know it? Are you thriving?

Make Peace With Your Past

Going down memory lane can be bitter sweet. You may find yourself filled with regret for things you didn't do, places you didn't go and the people you left behind. You may also find yourself wishing you had done some things different because in hindsight your life may have turned out differently. The thing is you just don't know that for sure. It is all based on some ideas you have of what your life should look like.

Florence & Pisa

Once we got back from the Amalfi coast we enjoyed our last night in Rome and eagerly awaited our train the next morning to Firenze with a short stop in Pisa before heading to Venice.
I told you I packed in a lot but we made sure we enjoyed each city that we went to.

Amalfi Coast, Positano & Sorrento

Easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The food, the people, the views AMAZING.

We booked a full day tour with the Lovely Amalfi Coast and our guide was the best. We really just had the best of luck on our trip! Many people are against doing guided tours and I understand that but when you want to see a lot in a short amount of time this is the way to go. We did not regret our choice.

If Your Relationship Is A Secret, You Shouldn't Be In It

I read somewhere that if a relationship has to be a secret then you shouldn't be in it. It doesn't matter who you are, which point of your life you are in (transitioning from one relationship to another), whether you are young or old whatever..... if you are in a secret relationship you need to get out of it!

Rome In A Day - Part 3

This is the last part of the Rome in a day series. If you missed part 1 & 2 go here and here.

After the Sistine Chapel we headed to the basilica. With the new pope being so popular visits to the basilica have increased tremendously.

Rome In A Day - Part 2

If you missed part 1 just go here.
After the Pantheon and a gelato break we headed to the Vatican.
On the way we took photos because Roma is just so beautiful.

7 Truths About Marriage That I Need My Daughter To Know

Today's post is an article that was featured on Click on the link or read here. Remember to share. Thanks

Transitioning to being a wife equates to drastic changes in a woman’s life. Moving from life as a single to married status involves so many changes that most women wouldn’t know about until they are literally thrown to the wolves, so to speak.

Rome In A Day - Part 1

Rome can be done in a day folks!! I'll tell you how.

We booked a tour with Walking Tours of Rome and got the best guide (Claudia) ever!!! They aren't cheap but if you are hard on time they are an efficient way of exploring Rome. We only had one day so we packed in a lot. We wanted to visit other places in Italy and getting more than two weeks off for vacation can be a problem.

Experience Is The Best Teacher

Experience is really the best teacher isn't it. You live and you learn unless you are just a sucker for punishment. Sometimes the lessons are good and sometimes they aren't so good. The lessons that bring us down to our knees and pretty much change you forever. I sound a bit dramatic but what I'm trying to say is that we have had experiences that leave their mark. As you get older those experiences define the person that you become. They shape your character.

This thought crossed my mind when we were having a conversation with my friends. We were laughing at the girls we used to be and the things that we used to do. Remember when something so little could set you off so fast and you'd be on a rampage seeking revenge for whatever wrong had been done. Or the scenes you would cause in the name of making sure you had street cred. Such foolishness.

Redeemed, Restored & Renewed

Hello friends I hope you had a great weekend and your week is of to a great start.

I had a bit of revelation this weekend where the word of God came alive very succinctly. Faith is such a personal journey isn't it? Each of us battling our own demons and struggles and sometimes in the midst of all of it God speaks and we are lucky enough to be listening that we hear. We are so busy surviving and fighting our way through life, we forget that our story isn't really about us. It is about God. I know for some of you this makes no sense and I won't even attempt to explain it. It has taken a while for that to sink in. This life that I have, however precious is not about me.  The day you realize it's not about you (and I don't mean to sound condescending like I suddenly have the key to life) and you are just a small bleep in history you will be so relieved because you will finally relax and let God.

Rome Day One

After we did our London tour here & here we headed off to Rome aaah Roma I loved it!!! The food, the people just amazing. I have never seen more relaxed nonchalant airport security than I did in Rome. The line was long but I couldn't be bothered I was in Italy!!

Reasons Why People Cheat

Why do people cheat? Are they looking for something that's missing in their relationships or are they just greedy. You've seen people who have great partners but they still cheat. Why? Like seriously is it a predisposition that people have and they just can't help themselves? This is not a rhetorical question for you cheaters : ). I hope you can sense the sarcasm in that question.

Show Some Compassion When Traveling

Maybe some of you have thought about this before but on one of my recent flights it dawned on me that we all travel for different reasons. For some us it is a happy occasion and for some of us it is not. It could be for business or personal reasons. You could be running from something or to something. You could be going home or to the unknown. Not everyone on that flight is as excited as you are to get to where they are going.

Signs That You Can't Rely On Someone

So today I'm feeling a little disappointed in myself. With my experiences you would think I'd be more careful about placing too much reliance on other people. You see the way you see things isn't necessarily the same way another person will see them, especially when that particular thing is not of equal importance to that other person. I wasn't even angry that said people/person did not come through, I was disappointed that I based my decisions solely on the premise that they would do what we had agreed on.

Things I Wish I Could Do With My Father

My old man died the year I turned 21, how's that for an anti-climax? Now this isn't a sob story because I had a great dad. I mean that man pretty much walked on water if you ask me. I had a great childhood and my father played a big role in that. I have so many fond memories of my father and growing up with him as my father is the biggest and most valuable blessing in my life. 

Where You Invest Your Love You Invest Your Heart

The song by Mumford & Sons rings so true doesn't it. "How fickle my heart and how fickle my mind...And where you invest your life you invest your heart." Fickle means something that changes frequently, something that's volatile. But that's not even the important part, the important part is that it relates to changing ones loyalty, interests and affection.

As human beings we change our loyalties so often, it's like we can't make up our minds and just stick to one thing. Our favorite stores change all the time, restaurants, tastes, styles... It's a constant continuous revolving door. Stores, hotels, restaurants etc has a rewards program for shoppers who are loyal to them calling them 'members' to retain your ever changing loyalty. You belong to their program because you have chosen to use whatever product or service they provide frequently. Ironically you can be a member of as many programs as you want. So what does that say about your loyalty? : )

London in 48 Hours Part 2

We started off bright and early. I booked a the Grand London bike tour with Brake Away and this was one of the best decisions we made. We saw so much of London the pictures don't do it justice. We had a great guide who made sure we saw the changing of the guards and the stories behind some of these place was awesome.

London in 48 Hours Part 1

So we had a little under 48 hours in London and we managed to see a lot. We typically don't use tours but for our short stint I had a few tours lined up. So here we go.

Without Trust Your Relationship is Dysfunctional

Trust is one of the most important ingredient in a relationship. I mean there is love and respect and all that other good stuff but when you lose trust in any relationship it's doomed. If someone betrays you, you don't stop loving them overnight but trusting them becomes a thing of the past.