Next Stop: Sri Lanka (My Itinerary)

When I decided I wanted to go to Sri Lanka most of the questions I got were WHY and WHERE IS THAT? After seeing photos on Instagram and then doing some research I knew this would be the destination I would close the year out with. Sri Lanka has so much to offer for a country it's size and perhaps the time to go is now before it becomes a top destination which often means prices go up and it becomes over crowded think Thailand, Bali.....

Photo: Gorka Nelson

From the culture in Sri Lanka, UNESCO sights, to the beaches, the wild life, epic train rides and temple visiting there is so much to do and I knew that the week I am planning on being there will be a whirlwind of activity. I can't wait.

Below is a breakdown of cost and our itinerary.

One of the Most Underrated Getaway Destinations

Recently we had the opportunity to go to Palm Beach, Florida and I must say that this is one of the most under-rated vacation destinations I have been to so far. You can fly direct from Boston to one of the most laid back airports ever. It's a small airport and it's literally a five to ten minute cab ride to downtown.

Palm Beach

I loved how laid back Palm Beach is. The downtown area felt deserted because there were no crowds. We asked a few locals if this was normal and they said yes. The houses we saw - excuse me, mansions we saw were gorgeous. I rode my bike past beautiful villas that I would give an arm to live in, maybe a leg too if they sweeten the deal (I kid but seriously...). I even peeped into Maralago and I get the hype, it's beautiful.

DIY Shift Dress

This weekend I decided to take on another diy project because they are so fun. Reworking clothes you already own is fun and it saves you money too! I am honestly surprised at how this dress ended up but I love it. It’s also exciting because this is definitely a dress I will be wearing often especially on a beach somewhere.

I set out to make a shift dress using a dress/mumu that I bought a few years ago and have never worn. I used a dress I already own as a pattern for the dress. I am not comfortable with measuring and all that stuff yet but I know inevitably I will have to learn how to measure and cut, cue youtube.

7 Tips on "How" to Have a Great Vacation?

Below are the 7 'hows' to having a great vacation. They are simple and easy to implement tips that will be useful the next time you go away. I dare you to try them and tell me that you won't have the time of your life. Just let go and be on 'island' time wherever you are. For you type As this will be hard but it will guarantee a great time.

How do you stay fit when you are on vacation?
I know what you are thinking, urgh really, working out??? But the answer is simple. Just don't. You are on vacation!!! You should be doing things that are out of the ordinary. Out of your normal routine! Unless you seriously love working out - which I don’t, lean back, sip your beverage of choice and watch those bikini wearing 'look-like models' girls prancing away. Make a mental note to do extra squats when you get back (haha) and then quickly order another sweet tasting, calorie loaded beverage.

First Ever DIY - Pencil Skirt on the Blog

This weekend the sawing machine I ordered from Walmart arrived. I have been thinking of using some fabric I have had in my closet for ages but haven't gotten round to it. For one getting a tailor is expensive and two plain laziness.

I hadn't told anyone about my idea of starting diy sawing as a hobby so when my family saw the machine they all looked at me like I had lost my mind. I do a lot of things myself these days from braiding my hair, crotchet, treatments, juicing, you name it if I can do it then it's something I will definitely try out, cue the sawing machine.

With Pintrest, Youtube and all the diy websites out there you can do practically anything yourself. The machine itself was very straight forward to set up. I just had to read the manual veeeery carefully.


Five Tips to Travel to Luxurious Destinations on a Budget

Do you often wonder how people afford to travel to luxurious and exotic destinations all over the world? Are you a hard working person who doesn't have money to splurge on expensive flights and resorts but would like to visit anyway? I have a few tips that can help you. Make sure you read all the way down, sometimes we save the best for last : ).

Five tips that can get you to exclusive destinations on a budget:

Do your research. 

I know this is not glamorous nor is it something anyone wants to do but if you want to travel to nice resorts then you have to do some work. Go on Trip Advisor and look up the best resorts at your desired destination. Read blogs that have reviews of these places and what they liked best, often times they are true. Look at the amenities that you would like to experience.  Keep this list in mind and go to my second tip.

Morocco Tour

Explore Morocco in this one week itinerary with shirus_story. 
This is a comprehensive and fully packed itinerary featuring the highlights of the country. 
From the Medinas of Fez and Marrakesh, the blue city of Chefchauen, to the beach in Essaouria, camping and camel riding in the Sahara desert you will get the culture, history and adventurous package in Morocco.
Due to the packed nature of this itinerary this is not a relaxing vacation.

Dates: Saturday May, 19 2018 - Monday, May 28 2018 This will be during Ramaadan

Price: $1,999

The Itinerary:
Day 1 - Arrive Fes and head out to Chefchauen. 
This will be a 3 - 4 hour ride. Settle down, rest and enjoy some free time. Perhaps go to a Hamman if you want to. I will live that up to you.