Wine Tour In Chile

On our final day in our South America trip I booked a wine tour at CousiƱo Macul and it was one of the highlights of our trip. We had such a great time there and it's an easy ride on the metro from Santiago. So don't pay for a taxi when you can ride the metro for super cheap. We paid a taxi going and discovered on returning that it would have been faster and more efficient on the metro.

Anyways when we arrived they asked us if we wanted the premium tour. Say yes! You will get a lovely bottle of wine at the end and the wine tasting will include more premium wines. I don't know if it gets busy in the high season but we literally walked to the vineyard and requested a tour and they put us on the next available English speaking slot. How many times do you get a wine tasting in Chile? Right, so don't cheap out.

Matilda Hotel Boutique - Chile

There are hotels that you visit and feel like they are so different they deserve to be featured. They leave you feeling some kind of special. Matilda Hotel in Santiago Chile was refreshing and left me feeling like I stepped into a time warp in the middle of a very metropolitan city. The location is a little off the main street but it's because it is an old palace that was transformed into a hotel but they maintained most of the old charm.

The Location: It is close to the metro so you can get there easily. The neighborhood though is a little off putting but don't let that deter you.

Martha's Vineyard Travel Guide

Planning for Martha's Vineyard on any summer day is a fit, planning it 4th of July weekend is something to reckon with. A month to the date I started thinking of where we would go for Brian's birthday which happens to fall on one of the most expensive times to travel in America. It's close to July 4th and it's also in the summer so it's a no win for bargain traveling.

So anyways I started looking into hotel deals and really there were none. All the nice hotels had been booked and what was left over was super expensive. I dug deep, took a deep breath and reserved the last available room for that weekend at the Mansion House Inn and Spa. All the blogs I read recommended staying at the Summer Camp but alas there was no room there. So we settled for the Mansion House. The reviews were good so I had some comfort but I didn't know what to expect. 

 Amazing views from the cupola at the hotel. 

Before you ask why we had to go there. Let me explain. We had just come from a two week vacation in South America and we were tired; didn't want to fly anywhere, didn't want the hustle of planning something grand so Martha's Vineyard seemed fit and also why not. This New England gem is an hour away from the mainland it was time to go.

3 Day Tour From San Pedro Atacama to Salar De Uyuni

I think the first thing I must note here is that you MUST book with a tour agency. It is absolutely necessary if you are going to do the trek from either Chile to Bolivia (like we did) or from Bolivia to Chile. Your point of origin will depend on where you arrived. We flew to Chile direct from New York so we knew we would start in San Pedro.

Here are the details:
Arrive - Chile very early in the morning. We flew into Santiago at about 5 in the morning. I didn't want to waste the day so I booked a walking tour. Leave your bags at the airport. There is a service offered here that let's you leave you bags for a fee. Take an uber/taxi into Santiago.

10 Travel Tips That Will Save You Time & Money

I was thinking the other day that I should write a few essential tips that I have learned over time when preparing to travel. They are true and tried.

  1. Go to skyscanner and look for flights that you are looking for. If you are flexible on time search by "cheapest month". If you are like me and have to travel when you have to travel, then put an alert to watch prices. This has saved me hundreds of dollars. Book when you feel comfortable that prices will not get lower than what you are aiming for.

Juice Cleanse Series - Week 1 Journal

Day 1
I started my morning with a weigh in and yikes my weight is up. I then had some hot water with lemon to set up my stomach for the day.
I had my first juice for breakfast and it was oh so good quite refreshing.
My second juice was just as good. I drunk water in between my juices. Remember you have to drink half your weight in water.
I took a yoga class and I was feeling okay until some point in the afternoon I had a strange headache. I say strange because it wasn't a full blown headache but rather one of those headaches that seem to be in the background so you have some discomfort.
Then my stomach started acting up and I was super bloated. The noises it was making were not normal at all. I wasn't hungry and the bloated feeling did not go away. It was so bad I couldn't suck in my stomach. I looked pregnant.
Below is how my juicing goes. I put everything I need in little containers depending on what the recipe is and then I juice.

Juice Cleanse Series - Cost and Preparation Time

As I had mentioned in this post I plan to do a juice cleanse/fast for the next two weeks. Basically I will be a vegetarian for the next couple of weeks. Yikes!!! I love my meat but two weeks (or more) won't kill me. My goal is to lose weight.

Yesterday which happened to be a Sunday I went to the grocery store to get my juice supplies. My juicer also came in the mail, thank you two day shipping from Amazon!!! : ) and I also got a 6 pack of 16oz bottles for my juices.