Iceland Travel Guide

May has been a busy month but that's a good thing. I am a firm believer in the saying that, "Whatever you are seeking is seeking you". So when all these opportunities came to travel I took them in stride and bit my fingers as I thanked God.

So enough of the mushy stuff.

I have declared myself the queen of short trips and maximizing them (the crowning is still out there : ) ). We were in Iceland for four and a half days and it was more than enough to see many of the things I was keen on seeing. Going into planning I knew that we only had 4 full days and a short last day to see everything we could. I decided that renting a car was the best way to go so that we had control of what we saw and when we went. I will caution you that Iceland sells out fast so if you decide to go book your hotels and such early. If you want to pay for an excursion make sure you sign up early too.

Please note Iceland rental agencies will charged you a deposit upwards of $3,000 for the rental. I was charged $3,170.85 and the reversal was processed about two days after returning the rental. You can buy a car for that amount!!! BUT at least now you know. I was lucky I had a high balance credit card.

Why Did You Get Married?

Did you marry out of convenience or did you marry for love?

Would you marry out of convenience?

My friend recently sent me a social media post that had asked people if they got married out of convenience or love and the response was overwhelmingly convenience. If you would like to see the post for yourself head over to Instagram and search for 'theshaderoom'. The responses made me a little sad.

Now I realize that you can 'settle' and actually be happy. I call this the "happiness project" because many things are really a matter of perspective. You can choose to be happy with what you have. You can choose to love what you have or the one you are with. It's crazy how many people do not end up marrying the love of their life if they are lucky enough to find them. Most people really actually end up marrying the person they are with when the time comes to settle down.

21 Day Challenge

Here comes another diet post on the blog. This time I will stick it through. I want to test this diet and see if it is a fad or if it truly works. As most of you who read this blog know over time I have gained close to 20 pounds and I hate that I have let myself go this much.

It also happens to be exactly 3 weeks before I go on vacation so this is not a coincidence folks, I need an intervention with this body of mine.

What is in the challenge: It is 21 days of low carb food,eating 5 meals a day of which one is protein shake and drinking lots and lots of water. The diet requires that you eat 1 protein, 2 fats and 3 veges per meal. You are also required to work out at least 30 minutes a day so add some cardio, weights, resistance training and recovery workouts to your workout routine.

The Power of Repitition: Week 3

There is so much power in repitition. 

Whether it's your eating habits, exercising, studying, working, relationships, your health etc.
Anything that you keep repeating you will master. Anything that you don't do you will lose your prowess.

Tulum Weekend Guide

Lets go to Paradise
When we first arrived in Tulum all I kept saying was wow, wow, giddy with excitement for the short weekend that we had scheduled to be there. Tulum is in a word ‘perfect’. No matter what kind of traveler you are you will find something that will make you happy.
On arrival we had the longest ever time spent at an airport and not in customs. With the new developments in the Cancun Airport everything is a little confusing. But after we got the rental car it was smooth sailing from there.
Picture driving into the sunset where you know a great weekend awaits you.

Week 2: Let It Go

What is it that you need to let go to be unbound?

I remember a season of my life when I hung on to so many unnecessary things.
Baggage I should have unloaded but instead dragged around with me like heavy weights on my mind, my heart, my being.
It left me feeling tired, angry, bitter, remorseful, hateful, unfulfilled, weary you name it I was there and feeling it. It was a dark time in my life that I hope to never go back to.
There are dreams, expectations, hurt, failures, experiences, people,______ whatever you can fill the blanks with that we need to leave behind.
Write down 3 things/people that you need to let go. Then tear that paper up or burn it and let it go.


52 Weeks of Reflection: Week 1 Gratitude

It has been a while since I have had a heart to heart. It seems like my posts have leaned more towards travel than anything. But perhaps its a reflection of where my heart is at this point of my life. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks...
As I am not a full time traveler and this blog was never intended for such, I have decided to do a series called ‘52 weeks of reflection’. The idea is to reflect on something, one thing, many things, any thing and all things in the course of 52 weeks.

So please follow/subscribe to the blog if you are interested in the weekly updates.

Every Friday I will post something that will encourage some reflection on our part. The duration of time you choose to reflect is entirely up to you. It could be a minute, five minutes, 30 minutes, the weekend or even the week (go big or go home), its entirely up to you.

Week 1: Gratitude