The Power of Repitition: Week 3

There is so much power in repitition. 

Whether it's your eating habits, exercising, studying, working, relationships, your health etc.
Anything that you keep repeating you will master. Anything that you don't do you will lose your prowess.

Tulum Weekend Guide

Lets go to Paradise
When we first arrived in Tulum all I kept saying was wow, wow, giddy with excitement for the short weekend that we had scheduled to be there. Tulum is in a word ‘perfect’. No matter what kind of traveler you are you will find something that will make you happy.
On arrival we had the longest ever time spent at an airport and not in customs. With the new developments in the Cancun Airport everything is a little confusing. But after we got the rental car it was smooth sailing from there.
Picture driving into the sunset where you know a great weekend awaits you.

Week 2: Let It Go

What is it that you need to let go to be unbound?

I remember a season of my life when I hung on to so many unnecessary things.
Baggage I should have unloaded but instead dragged around with me like heavy weights on my mind, my heart, my being.
It left me feeling tired, angry, bitter, remorseful, hateful, unfulfilled, weary you name it I was there and feeling it. It was a dark time in my life that I hope to never go back to.
There are dreams, expectations, hurt, failures, experiences, people,______ whatever you can fill the blanks with that we need to leave behind.
Write down 3 things/people that you need to let go. Then tear that paper up or burn it and let it go.


52 Weeks of Reflection: Week 1 Gratitude

It has been a while since I have had a heart to heart. It seems like my posts have leaned more towards travel than anything. But perhaps its a reflection of where my heart is at this point of my life. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks...
As I am not a full time traveler and this blog was never intended for such, I have decided to do a series called ‘52 weeks of reflection’. The idea is to reflect on something, one thing, many things, any thing and all things in the course of 52 weeks.

So please follow/subscribe to the blog if you are interested in the weekly updates.

Every Friday I will post something that will encourage some reflection on our part. The duration of time you choose to reflect is entirely up to you. It could be a minute, five minutes, 30 minutes, the weekend or even the week (go big or go home), its entirely up to you.

Week 1: Gratitude

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

I just came back from Sri Lanka -SL and I am super nostalgic and also extremely lazy about writing this post. Do you guys even read these???
Often when I tell people where I am going I always get the question, ‘Isn’t that too far to go for a week?’ But my question to them is, ‘If I don’t make the time now when will I ever have the time?’ Also certain destinations don’t need more than a week and really one must work with what they have.

Things I loved about SL:

Next Stop: Sri Lanka (My Itinerary)

When I decided I wanted to go to Sri Lanka most of the questions I got were WHY and WHERE IS THAT? After seeing photos on Instagram and then doing some research I knew this would be the destination I would close the year out with. Sri Lanka has so much to offer for a country it's size and perhaps the time to go is now before it becomes a top destination which often means prices go up and it becomes over crowded think Thailand, Bali.....

Photo: Gorka Nelson

From the culture in Sri Lanka, UNESCO sights, to the beaches, the wild life, epic train rides and temple visiting there is so much to do and I knew that the week I am planning on being there will be a whirlwind of activity. I can't wait.

Below is a breakdown of cost and our itinerary.

One of the Most Underrated Getaway Destinations

Recently we had the opportunity to go to Palm Beach, Florida and I must say that this is one of the most under-rated vacation destinations I have been to so far. You can fly direct from Boston to one of the most laid back airports ever. It's a small airport and it's literally a five to ten minute cab ride to downtown.

Palm Beach

I loved how laid back Palm Beach is. The downtown area felt deserted because there were no crowds. We asked a few locals if this was normal and they said yes. The houses we saw - excuse me, mansions we saw were gorgeous. I rode my bike past beautiful villas that I would give an arm to live in, maybe a leg too if they sweeten the deal (I kid but seriously...). I even peeped into Maralago and I get the hype, it's beautiful.